Vi introducerar i sammarbete med ITW Texwipe

GPW50, en torkduk med 70% isopropanyl för allmän rengöring inom kontors och

icke-renrums miljöer.

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"Specifically designed for for the needs of ultraclean production environments, fitted with easily changeable, laundered polyester heads over a flat padded head assembly."

Cleanroom mop with fiberglass handle and 38x18cm head assembly.

  • Ideal for applications requiring low particle, extractable and ionic contamination.
  • Superior for wall, floor and ceiling cleaning.
  • Designed specifically for ultraclean manufacturing environments.

Fabrikat: ITW Texwipe

Artnr: Benämning: Lager: Pris: Antal:
TX7108 AlphaMop (Handle + 1 Head) Ej i lager 1 524,00 :-/st