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GPW50, en torkduk med 70% isopropanyl för allmän rengöring inom kontors och

icke-renrums miljöer.

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"Self-adhesive TexNotes are the best way to add notes to documents, reports, equipment and work surfaces without the risk of damage or contamination.The handy TexWrite® 22 note sheets feature a proprietary temporary adhesive strip.This low contamination, polymeric elastomer allows TexNotes to be attached and removed without the high residue associated with most adhesives.The TexWrite® 22 substrate ensures low particle generation and low ionic contamination. TexNotes are cleanroom packaged in 72-sheet pads."

Packaging: 72 sheets/pad, 10 pads/case

Varumärke: ITW Texwipe

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TX5820 TexWrite TexNotes I lager 1 049,00 :-/Kartong