Vi introducerar i sammarbete med ITW Texwipe

GPW50, en torkduk med 70% isopropanyl för allmän rengöring inom kontors och

icke-renrums miljöer.

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Mer information: TX5711

"TexBond® 20 is a cleanroom bond paper with exceptional contamination control characteristics needed in critical environments. It has been especially formulated to address the needs of users requiring a paper that retains low ion and particle levels with significantly improved copying and writing qualities. It possesses both strength and excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for use in laser printers and photocopiers."

Packaging: 250 sheets/pack, 10 packs/case

Varumärke: ITW Texwipe

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TX5711 TexBond 20 Blue A4 I lager 1 893,00 :-/Kartong